About us!

We are Bird & Bone Designs.

Two sisters from Lancashire, England who came together to create sweet sweet fashion pieces….

First established in 2015, we started out a fashion blog showcasing our love for all things customised and create personalised clothing and our first ever Instagram account was formed!

We started getting request in from various sources for bridal jackets and special occasion wear to hand pair designs and images onto leather which we found was so fun to do and looks beautiful! We had always worked in customising leather jackets but never with paint so both being part time painting artists – this was the DREAM….

With an undying love for both fashion and art, especially painting we felt that being able to add both of these elements to our jackets in some way is the most exiting part of our job! Demand for personalised bridal jackets and bridesmaid jackets has increased massively however our aim is keep our prices affordable so that our pieces are available to everyone to buy.