About us!

We are Bird & Bone Designs.

Two sisters from Lancashire, England who came together to create sweet sweet fashion pieces….

First established in 2015, they started out a fashion blog showcasing our love for all things customised and create personalised clothing and our first ever Instagram account was formed!

Since then life kind of took over (!) and they had to halt their beloved B&B for a few years whilst we building up their other business and other various commitments.

With an undying love for both fashion and art, especially painting and they felt that being able to add Both these elements to their jackets in some way was the next step forwards!

This combined with being able to create fashion pieces that are personal to them specifically as well having fun with what’s your wear is well just the… DREAM.

Scarlett & Megs
Bird & Bone Designs

Alas, we started getting requests for personalised jackets and customised artwork and before we knew it Bird & Bone Designs was reborn! We are attending various wedding fairs and will be featuring in some Bridal fashion shows also so keep an eye out for all our new designs that will feature.

We are now hoping to grow by expanding into accessories and are designing lots of other new customisations for weddings and all occasions so watch this space for what we have in store for 2019…!