The Bird & Bone Collection

Welcome to Bird and Bone’s pre-designed collection……..

This is our pre-designed collection. We still hand paint all of our jackets, it just means we can be more competitive with our prices as our designing time is a big part of our bespoke pricing. The jackets are on a ‘made to order’ basis and you can still have the option of customising your name/date etc. The price includes the jacket and the design you see. We are flexible, so if you want a slight change, such as a font/flower/foliage colour, please request this when placing your order.

Children’s Hand Painted Jackets

Celestial ‘To The Moon & Back’ Jacket

‘Wife of the Party’ Floral Jackets

Bride/Bridesmaid Letter Initial Black Jacket

‘Wifey’ Ring Finger White T-shirt

‘Wife Life’ Tropical Flamingo Jacket

Harry Potter ‘Always’ Inspired jacket

Floral Protea & Rose Bridal Jacket

Bride/Bridesmaid Letter Initial White Jacket

‘Always’ Floral Pleather/Denim Jacket

Personalised ‘Mrs’ Floral Jacket

’till death’ Floral Pleather Jacket