7 top tips if it rains on your wedding day.

I think one thing that every bride starts doing 2 weeks before the wedding is glancing at the weather app on their phones, and nervously checking to see if they are going to have the glorious sunshine that they had dreamed of in their heads.

Image by Stella Photography

If you are planning to have a wedding in the UK however, no matter wether it be in the height of summer, a lot of Brides start to get that sinking feeling as they scan to the date of their wedding, only to be met with an onslaught of looming panic that is the the emoji grey cloud with rain droplets, below the title, ‘Heavy rain’.

However, we think that rain is a good thing. For one, in many cultures rain on your wedding day is actually considered a sign of good luck! It signifies fertility and it is also meant to represents a long-lasting marriage. The idea is that it is washing away tough times. So wether you are superstitious or not, I think you’ve got to take this one. Not only this, but I think my favourite part of getting the wet weather on your wedding is the rainy wedding photos. They make the best artistic and fun snapshots, so make the most of this. Honestly, just look up rainy photographs on Pinterest and you will know exactly what I mean.

But for those of you who just want a few tips on how to handle and prepare for your fabulous rainy wedding, we have listed our 5 must have below. (Our biggest tip is always prepare for rain. Then anything you get will be magical, wether it be sun, snow, rain or hail!)

1. Customised ‘BIrd and bone designs’ jackets

Obviously, a Bird and Bone designs customised leather or denim jacket is the ultimate must have for any wedding. But for a rainy, cold wedding, they are the ultimate must have. In winter a jacket is the ultimate must have for any bride and her tribe. However, as I mentioned we’ve had brides getting married in the middle of summer saying beforehand that their bridesmaids were unsure about the jackets, thinking they wouldn’t wear them. Come the day, the rain has been pouring and they have said they don’t know how they would of survived the day without them. Describing them as a lifesaver accessory of the day, for not only keeping warm whilst standing around (if you’ve never been part of a wedding party before, there is a lot of this).

2. Hire umbrellas

This is our next must, and this can be done relatively last minute as well, if you don’t want to pull out the extra money. Below we have listed a few suppliers that make this process very easy. The advantage of hiring rather than buying them is that it does end up working out cheaper. If you want Good quality umbrellas that our going to be large and look good in photos, i.e. they all look the same, hiring them will work out cheaper. It is a job that you can give to an usher, to make sure that all the main Bridal party, who you want in shots have them for the photographs and for getting to and from vehicles and venues.

Image by Stella Photography

They are delivered to your door, and then after the wedding you just organise the courier online to pick them up from your chosen location. Simple, and affective. Plus everyone loves a prop in photographs. It gives people something to do/hold, and in my opinion, umbrellas create some of the most fabulous photographs.




3. Cutomised Trainers or Wellies

Customised trainers are a must for dancing the night away. And at Bird and Bone designs, Brides always ask us about personalising some trainers, so they can take the weight off their feet and boogie. However they can come in handy also when the weather has just got too much. We have also customised wellies in the past too and again these, when the weather has taken a turn for the worse, have become a must. Not only do they become practical, but can create some great shots. Get in touch with us to find out more……

4.waterproff your Hair and makeup….

as much as you can! Hair and makeup are so important to a bride and her bridesmaids. So our next tip is when choosing who to have for your hair and makeup on the day, talk to them about what they can do to help if it does rain on the day. With makeup there are the obvious ones, wear waterproof mascara (Always really a must for the happy tears anyway). Also a good make-up artist should use a fixing spray anyway, but it might be an idea to talk to them about this beforehand, or if you know its going to rain a few days before, ring them up and have a chat. It will but your mind at rest.

Regarding hair, make sure that your hairdresser sets it properly, and again have that conversation with them. If your hair is down, it might not last as long. But when you go for your trial, test it afterwards to see how resilient it is. Again if you are worried beforehand, talk to them. Extra hairspray and setting might be required for the day.

5. Change your timeline

Don’t be afraid to change the timeline of the day. Speak with your venue/wedding coordinator and your photographer the day before. Remember nothing is ever set in stone, and a good venue and photographer will work around the weather, so you can nip out for short bursts of photos, when the weather eases up. If you are flexible throughout the day it will mean you can take advantages of breaks in the weather.

6. Speak to your photographer

This will put your mind at rest greatly. When picking your photographer, it is always good to look at the range of photos they have taken and how creative they have been when the weather has been terrible. A good photographer, will work with the environment around them, so use them and talk to them. Have fun with the photos.

7. Embrace the Rain!

Our last top tip is to just have fun. Love the rain, embrace it. This is the number one way to not let the rain, ‘rain on your parade’! You can try and control many factors of your day, but as everyone will consistently tell you in the lead up to the big day, you can not control the weather.

image by ‘Figtree wedding photography’

So go with it, dance in the rain. I promise you you will have the best day and create the most magical memories!

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